What Michelle did…

In reading countless opinions yesterday on the #walkout hot topic, I can’t help but wonder, not only in this situation, but lots of others that pop up, “I wonder what Michelle would think about this.” One thing’s for sure. Michelle would be devestated at the lives lost in this most recent school shooting. Being that she was in heaven at the time, I’ve told a few people what I imagine she did as those 17 students and teachers were coming to heaven. I can picture Michelle going to Jesus and telling him, “You’ve got to let me go greet them at the gates and welcome them in. They’re my age. I’ve got this! Let me go, please!” And if Jesus is anything like her Daddy, he would be unable to tell Michelle no. In my heart, I know she was there for them on 2/14/18.

But I also thought about what she would have done yesterday. Yes, I believe she would have participated. I also came across this image on social media which spoke volumes to me. Call me biased a bit because I’m Michelle’s mom. But….countless people have told me that she did these things routinely and naturally while not in my presence.

So no matter your stance on whether to walk up or walk out. Why can’t we do both? The walk out lasted 17 minutes and caused no harm. The walk up can last forever and do lots of good for this world. I believe Michelle is doing God’s good works in Heaven with Him. And I know this is one of them. She lived it on earth, she’s sending messages from Heaven. Just BE KIND.29214936_10215724508285123_4991549736587624448_n


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