Constant Reminders….by Keith

Every day I get emails to alert me of discount books available for my Kindle reader. Most of the time it is not something I would be interested in reading. Occasionally I will find a book that interests me. Recently I found one that triggered me.

“The Fault in our Stars”, by John Green.

I remember Michelle reading this. I remember her being sad about the subject and how it ends.

As I pondered this memory I recalled another book, “Bridge to Terabithia”, by Katherine Paterson. When Thomas was in second grade Ms. Leftin read it to the class in anticipation for the movie release in February of 2007. An unofficial class field trip to AMC to view the movie during a Saturday matinée was planned. All I knew about the movie was a local kid, Josh Hutcherson, had been cast in the lead role.

The final Act took my breath away.

I’m not sure if I can spoil a movie that is over 10 years old, but I’m conditioned not too. I remember Thomas telling me later that Ms. Leftin did not want the kids to tell their parents anything about the story. They wanted us, parents, to be caught by surprise. I was!

It has been a while since I watched that movie, and I’m going to find time to watch it again. In light of Michelle’s accident, I’m curious if I will see something I missed before.

Life is sometimes like that. We notice things that are important to us. As our priorities change we notice new things. I used to wake up each morning and focus on being productive. Now I wake up each morning and focus on being loving. Priorities change.

I think of the Gospels. I ponder the Lord’s Prayer, the parables, the Beatitudes, and especially the summation of the Ten Commandments; “Love God with all your heart, mind and soul. And, Love your neighbor as yourself.”

That’s what life is about; Love!

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