Guest Blogger: David Hagedorn

It was days after Michelle died. Several people mentioned David & Barbara Hagedorn’s name to us. More days passed, and their name was mentioned to Keith and I again. Weeks went by and their name just kept coming up. Everyone told us the same thing, “When you’re ready, you should talk to David & Barbara Hagedorn.” I’m a firm believer in signs and so I knew this was one. A special friend connected David and Keith by text. We arranged for them to come to our house so we could talk to them. The words they shared comforted us so much that they resonate with me still today. I’m also a firm believer that God puts people into our pathway when He knows we are going to need them. Hagedorns were those people placed in our path by God. Thank you so much for providing comfort to us, David & Barbara, in one of our darkest moments of grief. Here’s David…

When Patty invited me to express some of my ideas on My Girl Michelle and said it would be an honor I almost cried. Actually I did but men aren’t supposed to cry. Life’s experiences seem to influence how we look at ourselves, relationships, the world and, in my case, my relationship to God. When Phillip died so did I. I know it was worse for Barb even though I can’t imagine how. I believe God’s revelations breathed life back into me along with the support of family and friends. Barb’s incredible strength and the support of each other also played a key part in our recovery. As God revealed why this happened I began to see more clearly my relationship with God and God’s relationship with me and all of His creation. I look at the message of Jesus from a different perspective. Some of the revelation is in conflict with how I use to think and believe. It made more sense of what happens in this world even the loss of Phillip. The only true commandment is to love God, your neighbor and yourself. Search for the truth of God’s creation which is grounded in facts. I believe this is what God wants of us. I believe this is why He created us. P. S. To quote a song from the movie Titanic I believe that the heart does go on.


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