Sometimes, things go from bad to worse.

Keith and I attended two of my company conferences last week in Nashville. Of course, being in the heart of country music, we heard lots of it. One song that resonated with us was a song about vulnerability and things don’t always go our way. And what do we do? How do we adjust our businesses when this happens? My mind, and Keith’s, immediately went to our personal lives and our family life and grief.

Here’s the song if you care to take a listen:

It was July 21. I was in Columbus with 2 of my besties: CathyO & Bethie. When the text came through. Dad had taken a fall and it was decided to call the squad. There are a few first responders that are near and dear to our hearts. One being Chris Rust who wasn’t on duty, and the other Matt Stuart who was on duty. You see Chris (long time family friend) and Matt (dad of Ethan who was a great friend of Michelle’s and present at the accident) were both the first responders, of many I’m sure, on 8/1/17. So it turned out that Matt responded to my Dad and Mom on 7/21…..and retired on or about 8/3. We are grateful that he was on duty that evening.

I could turn this into a long post. But the fact of the matter is it doesn’t need to be. My dad is private and would never want his illness mentioned on social media. After talking with my sister, we decided I could share in this forum. Michelle’s blog.

My dad, and Michelle’s dear Poppy, has been diagnosed with Liver Cancer. On Wednesday of this coming week, Dad will return home with hospice services from a short term rehab stay.

The grief is coming back full force. “Things have gone from bad to worse.” My parents and my entire family are trying to process all of this. We have spent the past 3 weeks doing just that. All while mourning Michelle’s 1 year and all while planning and celebrating the life of Jacob yesterday in his 1st annual Memorial Golf Outing which was nothing short of amazing. I have to stop there for a minute to say I’m so proud of Mark and Terri, Erin and Rebecca…..if there’s heart and soul, they are the epitome!

We made the decision after Jacob’s event to share (not on social media) but through private messages, texts, phone calls, and here, Michelle’s blog.

We ask for prayers. Many, many prayers. Once again. Yes once again. You all stand by our family. We are blessed in our sorrow. Michelle had my dad in her life for 15 years, me 49 years. My one and only comfort is that I’m giving my Dad back to Michelle for eternity.
It won’t come easy. But all I know as of recent, is that I have to find and then cling to whatever will give me some small source of comfort to push through day by day.
And that’s what it is. We don’t know when, but Dad will see the light of Jesus’ face and be surrounded in His warm, strong embrace. And Dad will be whole again. And Dad has so many people who love him waiting in  heaven. Michelle, Jacob, Dean, and MANY of his relatives who have gone before him.

I’ll never be ready to say goodbye to my Dad, but I will be ready for Michelle to get her Poppy.


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