Today we honor Jacob

On August 19, 2016, our family’s life changed forever. It was the day we lost Michelle’s cousin, Jacob. Michelle was very affected by Jacob’s death and made it her silent mission to educate others about drug addiction, especially during Red Ribbon Week her 8th grade year at HMS. She wanted people to know that it was a disease and that particularly Jacob couldn’t help it. He didn’t have control. The addiction did.

On the last day of school, the kids generally empty the contents of their backpacks into a pile. It’s because they know that I like to go through and save a few things from the school year that I think are special. Maybe art, maybe a certain writing assignment, maybe just a doodle page.  Recently, I was going through Michelle’s 8th grade pile and I found pictures of Jacob, inspirational quotes, and this picture below tucked into many places: under her macbook case, in folders, taped in journals, etc. (I already knew that folded up in her pants pocket, she carried a photo of Jacob with her) The picture was taken Christmas Day at Mark’s house years ago. It became a photo she clung to. Jacob’s funeral was the first funeral that Michelle had ever attended. It hit her hard. She was changed. Our family is changed. We will never be the same.

Now all the photos I found tucked into her schoolwork that once she clung to, now I do.

They lived.
They loved.
They. Are. Loved.

So today we have Jacob’s 1st Annual Golf Outing at AJ Jolly Park. Keith & I were blessed to take part in a small portion of the planning.
We have LOTS of Silent Auction baskets. If you find yourself in the area, stop by and bid.
If you find yourself with nothing to do today, stop by and bid. The baskets are amazing but most of all ….all funds raised are going to Jacob’s Scholarship Fund.
We are blessed in our sorrow.




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