Keith writes…

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend a couple of business conventions and listen to some incredible speakers. One of these presentations triggered a memory that I had forgotten and thought this blog to be the best place to share.

Our family has vacationed on Hilton Head Island for several summers. To save money we would pick a week shortly after the last day of school and just before rates increased for the peak season. Michelle’s birthday, June 16, would often hit while we were in HHI.

Occasionally we would rent a tandem bicycle. Michelle was the only one of the three kids that learned how to ride a bike, so she was the most eager to go biking. One year she was so eager to go biking, I agreed to go with her shortly after we arrived and unpacked. We headed out of the complex and I decided to go bike to Saint Francis by The Sea church, about 5 miles away, and check the mass time. It was evening as we started out. We passed several golf courses and could see the last of the golfers completing their rounds. About halfway to our destination the chain fell off. I can remember Michelle giving a little shriek of concern. She never said it, but her face and body communicated to me, “What do we do now.” We hopped off the bike, and I showed her how to put the chain back on. Under closer inspection I could tell that the chain was loose and if we peddled too fast it could fall off again. As I communicated this all to Michelle her concern evaporated and gave all indications that she trusted me and that we would be okay. That because she was under my care, I would make it all turn out okay.

We continued on our journey to the church, and when we got there I checked my phone and saw the missed calls from Patty. I returned the call, told her were we were, our problem with the chain and that we were heading back. On the way back the sun was setting and this was going to be our problem. HHI does not have lights on the bike path. Something about sea turtles. The bike path was difficult to see and navigate as it would serpentine through the trees. What I remember about this moment is that Michelle trusted me to get her back safely.

Michelle always had complete confidence in me. To take care of her. To fix problems.


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