Guest Blogger: Elizabeth Allegrini

Elizabeth is a family friend. Our family met her through Amy and Simon years ago. But for as long as I remember, she’s been a part of our lives. One day, early on, I was sitting at the cemetery having a hard time. I heard a car pull up and stop. It was Elizabeth. She got out and sat with me and cried with me. Much comfort that day. XO

Elizabeth writes:

I honestly can’t remember when I first met Michelle, but I met Patty and Keith through their sister Amy and BIL Simon many years ago.

Fast forward to August of 2014, Michelle’s cousin Lindsay was getting married and I was making the desserts for her wedding.

I had asked Patty if Michelle would like to help me make some of the desserts, and of course she said yes! I was thrilled not only to be able to share my love of baking and candy making with Michelle, but to have her help!

After many attempts to find a time that worked with Michelle’s busy schedule we had a date and time picked.

We were going to be making the seating assignment “tags” using Rice Krispie Treats covered in white chocolate, which she had to remind me was her dad’s favorite chocolate, with an edible tag on top.

Patty dropped her off at my house and she came bouncing in and gave me a hug. She was bubbling with excitement. The first thing I told her was that this was a secret and she could not tell anyone, especially Lindsay that she was helping to make these special treats. She assured me several times that she would keep the secret and not tell anyone.

I had prepped everything except the nonpareil mixture which was going to outline the edible tag. I explained to Michelle that we had to mix a ratio of 3:1 for the pink and white mixture. I honestly wasn’t sure when they taught ratios in school but Michelle knew what I meant and she asked for a piece of paper. I could tell she didn’t think this was part of baking, but after completing the task, she said that she learned something new, Math was used in many tasks. Michelle mixed the perfect ration of pink to white nonpareils, but unfortunately we miscalculated the total amount needed and she had to recalculate for a second batch.

I remember we got a good chuckle when I asked if her mom weighed her ingredients when cooking, (knowing that Keith was the cook in the household and Patty handled other household tasks).

I dipped the RK treats in chocolate and Michelle’s job was to place the “tag” on the chocolate and dip it in the nonpareils. I remember she kept on wanting to twist the RK treat in the bowl of nonpareils instead of just putting it in and bringing it straight out. She would lift it out and say, “Mary Jo won’t mind that her name is crooked, Tim won’t mind his name being crooked” This continued for the first ten RK treats and then she mastered it like a pro, because that is what Michelle did!

After we finished she offered to help clean the dishes. What 5th grader do you know who offers to clean up after making desserts? I thanked her for the offer but told her she had helped enough. I took her to Chic-fil-A for lunch. She didn’t know this was part of the plan, she was so excited but more importantly, grateful. I honestly can say I have never seen a child as excited as Michelle to go to lunch. She appreciated the small things in life as well as the large.

I remember she wanted to see Lindsay’s face when she walked in to the reception and saw the RK treats. I’m not sure if she did, but I know she was proud to tell Lindsay that she helped make the RK treats.


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