Guest blogger: Dan Walsh on VBS

Today, VBS started at St. Catherine. Another first that Michelle isn’t participating in. This was one of her last acts of service before she died. Thank you, Dan, for sharing your thoughts on VBS 2017.

Almost a year ago I was going on my 8th year of music ministry for Vacation Bible Study for St. Catherine of Siena. I’m not going to lie , I knew it was going to be a long week and I was trying to prepare myself for the craziness that is VBS. It can be exhausting trying to get all the kids singing and dancing and singing and praising our Lord. So, when the kids filed in I was so happy to see Michelle. She has been in or assisted with VBS for years. I can count on Michelle. Michelle knows how to help the youngest kids focus and have fun. She has been consistent and diligent for years. She was a part of VBS and then a helper. It was a long week and I remember approaching her that Friday to tell her thank you for all your help. She just smiled and looked at me as if to say why of course why would I not help out. She didn’t even need the service hours. My last memory is of her hopping and singing and helping the little kids sing “yes Lord, yes Lord… yes .. yes Lord” — she believed —— Dan Walsh 7/2017 VBS

Videos courtesy of Molly Fassler. Thank you Molly!

Michelle is in a sage green long sleeve t-shirt.


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