A road less traveled…

Some would call it a road less traveled. A bumpy, rocky road.

A rocky road. A bumpy road. Seems fitting.

For me, it’s a road often traveled.

I park in ‘my spot’. I walk the short walk. I’ve come to be with my girl.

Sometimes I read, today I blog, sometimes I sit in silence, sometimes I stare at the sky to imagine her high above the clouds, sometimes I have to watch a new grave being dug, and sometimes I take a nap here.

Keith and I have seen all the seasons. We are almost full circle. We’ve seen a barren, dirt-covered SUMMER grave. AUTUMN brought us comfort with the installation of her headstone, our last gift to Michelle. WINTER was often snow-covered in bitter temps, yet she would have loved her Christmas decorations. And finally SPRING came with a little bit of new grass. Now the 2nd Summer season has come and we are full circle….almost.

Hug your kids tight. Get over the little things. We are never promised another day. Michelle lived. Michelle loved. Wish it was for longer.


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