Guest blogger: Erin Barker

Today’s guest blogger is Erin Barker. Erin and I were trying to figure out how old she and Michelle were when they became friends through Ft. Thomas Jr. Cheer. We think it was probably the summer before 2nd grade. What I loved is that Erin attended Moyer and Michelle attended Johnson, and we all looked forward to the day they would cheer together at HMS. They did in 6th grade and then sadly, Michelle had to choose between activities and decided to let Cheer go. But that didn’t keep Michelle and Erin from still being the bestest of friends. Thank you for blogging your memories, Erin. Love you.
Here’s Erin……….
May was one of the hardest months for me since Michelle died and I expect June to be even harder. May brought back memories of our awesome Washington DC trip, the last 8th grade dance and finishing middle school together. We looked forward to summer and starting at HHS.
June is one of my favorite months of memories. When we were younger, Michelle and I cheered together for Fort Thomas Jr. Cheer. During June we had lots of practices learning our routines. When it came time to start learning how to stunt, Michelle was my first backspot. I trusted her to have my back when I was falling and she never let me touch the ground. Cheer brought us closer and we couldn’t wait until middle school when we would all be in the same school at HMS. One summer we made the “Pickle” club. The club started one night when Michelle, Grace, and I were in my room for a sleep over and decided to make the club. We learned that she had never had a pickle and we bolted down the stairs and grabbed the jar of pickles and ate them while writing the rules for the club. I found the rules while cleaning off my bookshelf recently and I loved it so much. My favorite rule is the one that says “All pickles must be kind to other pickles.” We made pickle charms using our rainbow looms. Later, the pickle club became GEMM for Grace, Erin, Michelle, and Maggie.
Last June we had so much fun just messing around at the pool in the summer! We went to the pool with each other almost everyday for the first two weeks of summer. It was so much fun and I miss it so much. I remember one night where we went to Grace’s house after the pool and we asked for her dad to take us on a ride in the Jeep with the doors off. We played ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber in the car and were laughing super hard because she knew all the lyrics. Another night we went to late night swim and we were the last ones in the pool. Mr. Nieporte practically had to pull us out because we didn’t want to leave we were having so much fun.
What makes June even harder is our birthdays. Michelle’s birthday is the day before mine and I always thought it was so cool. We were always joking that she would have to drive us around in the Jeep all summer when she turned 16 this year. I know that she will always be with us on rides in the Jeep. In these last two months, I have seen many blue jays and cardinals outside my window saying hello. Another night a group of friends and I went around town hanging up new ribbons and when we took a group photo a magenta orb was in the photo and in this one photo only. When we looked up what it meant it said “At peace with God”. I know she is with us during these hard months. Thank you for listening to my memories. #LiveFreeLikeMichelle



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