The last day of freshman year.


It’s hard to believe an entire academic year has gone by since Michelle died. It’s really unfathomable to me.

I knew this day was coming, yet there’s no way to prepare for it. And not only that, but Keith and I know it’s just one more sad day of many yet to come. It won’t just be the first year. We will always be thinking ahead to what memorable date is next to pop up.

Today is the last day of what should have been Michelle’s freshman year. I have a special song that I sing to our 3 kids on the first day of school and the last day of school. I remember singing it to her before saying good bye to her at the funeral home. Even though she wasn’t having a first day of school anymore. And today, I know that while at the cemetery, I’ll find that I want to sing it to her. So I will. How can I not?

Forever and always my sweet, sweet girl.




















One thought on “The last day of freshman year.

  1. Sorry Patty I understand there’s no way around this and as painful as it is you don’t want any way around it because it’s about Michelle and all of the experiences you would have shared. I think about Phillip would he be married would we have more grandkids and would their hair be red like his? I think a song to Michelle is a great idea.

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