“How do we do it?”

Keith and I get asked this question alot. Quite simply, we were not given a choice.

But just today, 3 messages if you will, came to me within minutes of each other. I felt compelled to share. For this is ‘how we do it.’

1. It’s when you receive a card in the mail…..like this.


2. It’s when you get a text from a very great Mom friend who told me her daughter asked her if they could go visit Michelle soon.


3. And it’s when you get a facebook message from an old acquaintance, now turned new friend….who asked for a piece of our Michelle ribbon for her daughter to wear in her hair for her very first Dance Team Tryout.

All of this, is how Keith and I are doing this thing called life. Each and every person mentioned above, along with countless others, are helping us fulfill our promise to Michelle….We will always keep your light shining baby girl. And we have an army of people to help us.



2 thoughts on ““How do we do it?”

  1. God Bless you both and your army of supporters. Although my own situation is very different, raising a son who has Autism, I am also asked the same question. “How do you do it?” You are so right when you say, “we weren’t given a choice”. Everyone of us deals with what life hands us. It is only with great friends and family that we find the strength to get up each day and face the world. So for the rest of you – keep that in mind and be one of the ones who helps the rest of us! {HUG}

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