Guest Blogger: Michelle’s Daddy

What do you believe?

I think everyone has a story like this.  Maybe it either happened to you or someone you know.  Something strange and mysterious happens without any reasonable explanation.  The obvious answer seems impossible because it requires you believe in something more than your senses can verify.  You search for a better explanation to make something more reasonable work even if it requires impossible coincidences.

What do you believe?  Is there more to our world than our senses provide?  Is there a spiritual world that mingles with us?  Are there signs?

Sunday morning Patty and I are awake before the boys.  This is normal.  Patty and I wake early and we will often try to accomplish some personal productivity before whatever commitment we have to start our day.  We were in a room of the house we call the library. Basically a 10’x10’ room with two bookshelves, a futon, and a writing desk that is use as a charging station for phones and kindles.  We started planning our day and making revisions to things we discussed doing when all of a sudden our echo dot starts up and plays, “Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. She took the midnight train going anywhere …”

This never happened to us before.  I started replaying our conversation in my head and I could not recall any word that even sounded like “Alexa”.  There were no TVs or Radio on to pick it up either.  Instinctively I spoke, “Alexa, pause!”  After a few seconds of thought I issued the command, “Alexa, continue”, and it did not take long for the song to enter final part of the song, “Don’t stop believing. Hold on to the feeling …”

Patty went into her office in the porch room adjacent to the library, and we continued to listen to the songs that were being selected for us.  With each song we would find a connection.  I picked up my cell phone, which has the app tethered to the echo dot.  I looked for the command it received, “Alexa, Play”, which is started it to play songs from a station titled, “80s clean”.  Maybe there was something we said in our conversation that triggered Alexa to wake up and select a station that with each song would cause Patty and I to think about a connection Michelle.  One was a song she learned to play on the ukulele, another was a song that she danced to at a recital, another had lyrics that spoke to us.  What to believe?

I let the echo dot continue to play and thought about Michelle.  In the mean time Patty and Thomas were going off to St. X for 7am mass.  While they were gone I noticed the speaker connected to the echo dot was not sounding right.  I decided it needed a reboot.  I issued the command, “Alexa, stop!”, and she complied.  As I lifted the speaker to search for the power button to shut it down the echo dot starts up again this time with, “I think the universe is on my side, Heaven and earth have finally aligned, Days are good and that’s the way it should be …”

I’ve never heard this song before.  I reached for my phone and opened the Alexa app to identify the song playing is “Bright” by Echosmith.  I’m not familiar with it, but what the app also revealed is that it was playing the 3rd song on the “MEC” playlist from our Amazon Music account.  This is the playlist that Michelle created and would listen to on her Kindle. What to believe?

I believe in a spiritual world.  Every time I recite the Nicene Creed I affirm this belief with the declaration of my belief in God creating heaven and earth, and in things both visible and invisible.  Does this mean the spiritual world uses lyrics to a song as a means to communicate with the living?  I don’t know, but at that moment I felt close to Michelle, as if she wanted to talk to me.

What do you believe?   Is there more to our world than our senses provide?  Is there a spiritual world that mingles with us?  Are there signs?  If we see a sign, do we dismiss it with another explanation?

If you are interested, this is the playlist that Michelle created on our Amazon account;

  1. Michelle – The Beatles
  2. Send My Love – Adele
    3. Bright – Echosmith
    4. Africa – Toto
    5. Come on Eileen
    6. Geronimo – Sheppard
    7. Let Me Down Easy – Sheppard
    8. Ask Me How I Know – Garth Brooks
    9. One Last Time – Ariana Grande
    10. Let It Be – The Beatles
    11. Bubbly – Colbie Caillat
    12. Realize – Colbie Caillat
    13. Fight Song – Rachel Platten
    14. Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye
    15. Fireflies – Owl City
    16. I Lift My Hands – Chris Tomlin
    17. Maps – Maroon 5
    18. Ride – Twenty One Pilots
    19. House of Gold – Twenty One Pilots
    20. Weak – AJR
    21. Seventeen – Alessia Cara
    22. Drag Me Down – One Direction
    23. Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya
    24. Stand By You – Rachel Platten
    25. If I Die Young – The Band Perry

Michelle, Ash, and Grandma's blanket (1)



2 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Michelle’s Daddy

  1. Einstein predicted black holes through mathematics. Many scientists thought black holes where impossible. Today we know black holes exist.You can’t see a black hole but you can observe the effects of a black hole that’s how we know it exists. I can’t see the spirit but l can feel and see the effects of the spirit that’s how I know it exists.

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