259 days
8 months, 16 days

  • 22,377,600 seconds
  • 372,960 minutes
  • 6216 hours
  • 259 days
  • 37 weeks
  • 70.96% of a common year (365 days)………..since I’ve seen your beautiful face.

    Each time HMS sends an email bulletin, inevitably there are reminders about 2 events that bring me to my knees. (1) The upcoming 8th grade DC Trip and (2) The upcoming 8th grade Graduation/Awards Ceremony.

    It also reminds me that Michelle has been gone for almost an entire academic year now. Her Freshman Year. As I pass the high school coming home from a cemetery visit, I say out loud in the car, “You should be in there.” But she’s not.

    This time last year we were busier than ever with Thomas as a Senior, Michelle as an 8th grader, and Robert in 6th. There were chorus concerts, recitals, graduations, Confirmation, awards days and nights, etc. All the ‘stuff’ that Michelle loved. She LOVED to be busy. What I wouldn’t give to have the busy-ness of that life back. I would never take it for granted again or dread getting in the car again for the umpteenth drop off or pick up.  Rather, I would revel in it. So give your child a hug and don’t be rushed to have this busy school year come to an end, just so the start of summer can begin. Instead enjoy all phases. Enjoy all moments. Life is beautiful.

First day of Summer ’17 and Last day of school ’17: 8th, 6th, 12th.


6 thoughts on “259

  1. One of the most painful realizations when you lose your child is how everything stops. Their clothes in the dresser their registration to play soccer their toys. Your words are wise Patty. Time spent with your children and now for me my grandchildren is so precious.

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  2. Amen! Could not agree more, I say it all the time, but somehow has a sharper, deeper, truer meaning coming from you. Bless you for sharing that important reminder in the middle of your pain. Love….

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