Last Lenten Season

Last Lent, I recall Keith talking with our kids about what they were going to give up for Lent OR what they wanted to do for Lent. I remember Michelle telling Keith she felt like she should be more familiar with the Bible. With Keith teaching RCIA and CCD, he has many resources of reading materials on hand. Ultimately, Michelle decided to read the Gospel of John. I remember she didn’t get through the whole Gospel before Easter. Later, cleaning up her room, we asked her if she was finished with the book since Lent was long past. And she told us no, she wanted to continue on and finish it. And so it stayed on her night stand. And Keith said she would sometimes read a little each night before bed if she had time.

And it’s still there today. I love the heart of my sweet, sweet girl. Always striving to better herself. Whether it was religion, with friendships, ALWAYS with academics, or volunteerism, etc. etc.  And being the best daughter ever. She is. She definitely is. Love you and miss you baby girl. Forever and ever.



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