Shine on, sweet girl.

I haven’t posted in awhile.
The words aren’t coming to me.
I’m sad.
I miss my sweet, sweet girl.
But I promised I would never let anyone forget her. So I come here to post something anyway. To honor her. Always my goal. I remember thinking about this very early on. It was in the Emergency Room that night, in fact. I don’t know why I was thinking about this then.
But here I am. I’m keeping her light shining. Keeping my promise.
I love you, Michelle. Forever and ever. You are my girl.

Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.
~Isaiah 60:1


Boarding the plane to Steamboat Springs, CO.  July 2015.
Trip Recipients of The Karen Wellington Foundation for Living with Breast Cancer.
She had so much fun. That life style was for her. Keith and I often had discussions with her that we could see her going to college out west. She LOVED horses. Now she can ride as much as she wants.


4 thoughts on “Shine on, sweet girl.

  1. I can imagine her riding bareback out into a beautiful pasture. Then tying her horse up to a big beautiful tree. After she sits in the shade for a bit, she gets up and dances through the tall grass. Just before the sun sets she rides off to where it looks like the mountains and the sky meet. It is a beautiful scene. She is happy. She is smiling. Her light will shine forever!

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  2. Really great to see you have wonderful memories of your trip to Steamboat Springs. I have a photo of Michelle on horseback with Keith. I’m sure you have too. I’ll email you. I don’t see a place to attach to this post.

    Finding peace in your message, Lisa Farrell

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