Carolyn Rosenstiel recalls Music Man memories

I remember during Tech Week for “The Music Man” at the middle school, I was with Ava in the lobby walking her into the dress rehearsal. Michelle came running in obviously leaving one activity for this one and she ran up to me and said breathlessly that she needed some quick help putting on some make up for the stage. I was happy to help! She handed me some make up and I began applying it. But I took a second and just looked at her beautiful face and thought to myself that this child doesn’t need anything on her face. She was just glowing with the excitement of being in the show and the happiness of being with friends. Her cheeks were already flushed and her eyes were so bright that I put away the make up, smoothed her hair and told her she had everything she needed. With that, she grabbed Ava’s hand, said “Let’s go!” and away they went up the stairs into the theater. I will always remember that moment.



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