Have you ever had a God moment?

Have you?

I seem to have many since Michelle passed away. Here’s what my definition of a God moment is: God is manifesting Himself in certain people who are doing good works in Michelle’s honor and it’s revealed to me. And that by this work or action, it is God speaking to me, through this person, and He’s saying, “I’m here for you. I know you are sad. And I’m right beside you in your sorrow.” In today’s particular instance, God was working in Whitney McKay, Michelle’s beloved counselor at Johnson who helped her when I was going through Breast Cancer when she was just in 5th grade.

So this morning around 7:45, realizing it was Friday, I was staring out my window and wondering to myself if any of the schools are still doing High Five Friday. In addition, I thought to myself, if they are, maybe a picture of it happening would brighten my day. And let me know that Michelle’s light is still shining in our schools.

Ten minutes later, my phone dinged and it was a text from Whitney with this picture and message. Chills and goosebumps. How could you not feel lifted by these faces?! For these children are helping to keep Michelle’s light from going dim too. Whether they understand that or not. They are helping me keep my promise to Michelle. That no one will forget about her.  It can be daunting for me and Keith to be on this mission alone. So we are grateful for love and support of it.

So I had my Aha God moment this morning and took a second to say, “Ok, thank you God. I hear you. I feel you. You’re here and you’ve got me. And thank you for the sign.”

Just be open. Maybe you’ll find a God moment in your life.



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